BEAT DESIGNER - Suggestions

-copy and paste swing settings

-humanize/timing variation per lane

-select multiple beat square things and copy paste them…

there needs to be some sort of multiple-selection protocol to select multiple beats for various purposes… being able to absolute/relative change velocity information.


  • being able to add a lane at any position in the current lanes

  • “add lane from current beat lane” this essentially duplicates a lane but uses a different instrument/note from midi map. A quick way of layering and combining sounds. it would therefore duplicate the swing and other settings from the lane being duplicated from.

-better midi note/instrument selection process, and a way to change multiple at once by selecting and then using a modifier to change selected lanes in order of notes/instruments in the MIDI map from the note of which you choose… like inputs/outputs in Cubase mixer.

please also make it easier to the lanes across the width of a 32 beat grid

please allow ability to paint the lanes like you can tracks

please allow the creation of “sub-lane” notes/instruments that automatically use the same beat. Like if you have two kick drum samples you want playing the same thing… you create a sub-lane from kick 1, creating kick 2 which plays exactly what kick 1 is playing.

This plugin needs an overhaul update.

It needs a refresh.




thanks for the support guys!

Most midiplugins need an overhaul.
Have you ever seen Reason NoteEcho or Reasons Scale&Chords für example? (which are our mididelay and chorder).

+1 Please

It really does need an update. Been requesting it for years. Drag and drop to the lower zone would be really helpful, instead of having to go through Groove Agent.

No doubt they need an update to all,
Beat designer should be integrated as the sampler track, in the style of studio one.


I suggested this over a year ago (
and have been asking for improvements for 2+. Let’s just say my glass is half empty when it comes to any improvements.

Yes, this has to be heard
especially to be able to automate in steps any control of groobe agent or other sampler, since with the battery editor it cannot be done.

They need to get a similar patter editor like studio one. You can already do this with groove agent and the drum editor but a dedicated pattern editor would be a killer feature. Each with it’s own swing knob and Cubase would be the ultimate Daw imo. I will sketch up the idea later and post up the picture.

This would be cool as well as updating the insert.

Hi I am new to Cubase however I have found that my Midi and Instrument tracks dont have “Midi Insert” in the inspector in Elements 10.5. Can anyone help?

+111111111 etc :joy::joy::joy:, we need that ASAP