Beat Designer to drag a pattern into the daw?

Is it possible to drag the pattern into the track for further edit?


You cannot drag the patter. Use the Pattern functions menu in the left-top corner and select Insert Pattern at Cursor or Insert Pattern at Left Locator, please.

I feel weird correcting a Cubase trainer, but I’m pretty sure if you hold left click on the piano key your pattern is on, you can drag the pattern onto a track. (At least on Windows)


Don’t feel weird, please. Cubase is very complex, and no one can know everything of it. :wink:

You are right, great, thanks!

Thank you both.

That’s great. Beat Designers fantastic.

Do either of you know if you can drag a midi drum file back into Beat Designer. Back and forth? That would be handy.


I will try my luck again… :smiley: I don’t think so. I tried all possibilities I could think of, but it doesn’t work to me.

Thanks Martin for confirming. I do enjoy that feature with Groove Agent 4 being able to move midi back and forth.

I like the flam feature in Beat Designer!