Beat Designer Ugh

Was anyone else hoping for an improvement? As far as I can tell, it hasn’t been touched in years.
It’s clunky looking and even clunkier to operate.

I still use 2 DAW’s just to make a simple drum pattern, in 2018, which is nuts.
(I realize I don’t HAVE to, but I like my hair, and would like to keep it in my head)

Here’s a very good use of the lower zone, and how beat designer SHOULD have been updated.
(Or better yet, do away with it altogether and include it right in groove agent)

Why 2 DAWs? Just buy a decent sequencer plugin. Sounds pretty stupid to use another DAW, just to make a drum beat

I use FL Studio as a vst, but to be honest, it can be a little messy at times.

I was hoping for a drum pattern update like studio one as well. For now, I use Maschine and the mpc software for drum patterns.

Crazy this is still a request. I guess Steinberg thinks most people use stock sounds and premade patterns.
Personally, I have no idea why any musician would ever use a premade pattern (maybe to get ideas down and alter it later?)
Either way, step sequencing in Cubase in 2018 is still the worst, which is too bad, because honestly, I think it’s Cubase’s only true shortcoming.

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Why would I need to look for third party anything after buying the most expensive DAW on the planet?
Especially for something so simple.

I was hoping for a improvement. Both layout for the midi plugin and get it in the lower zone.
Im and old fart so having tools like beat designer is handy with the flam and swing.

Im also skilled with the drum editor, so I can make easy work with it. But it is a slower tool to adjust and experiment as far as flam, swing and jumping pattern.

So hope to see some Steinberg Love put in to it, in the feature.

I have a feeling we’re alone. Out of curiosity, I’d love to know how people that make electronic music of any kind (hip-hop, house, techno, etc)
Make quick and simple drum beats using Cubase. (without using pre-made midi files)

Dunno tbh… there are a multitude of ways, from bringing in midi loops from wherever or from Groove Agent and then messing with those either by editing directly, or by using midi modifiers to mess with timing etc through to simply loop recording and banging away at the keys/pads yourself, through to tools exactly like Beat Designer and then messing a little then massaging them from there.

The OP uses two DAWs to make a simple drum pattern?! I’m a little lost on that statement tbh…

Why lost? if something does something better and way more efficiently, why would you stick with the thing that was less than?
And I’m lost at anyone who uses midi loops. Please don’t call yourself a musician if you use midi loops. You’re at best, a hobbyist,
which is fine, but being stuck to use beat designer, which isn’t very good and hasn’t even been updated in years, because we don’t use midi loops, is ridiculous.

If you have a folder of drums sounds and just want to start a quick groove, auditioning sounds, tempos, etc.
I’m genuinely curious, how do most of you do that in Cubase? When I use beat designer it takes me 5x longer than the other daw I use
(which I can list reasons) so to answer your question, that’s why I use 2 daws, unfortunately.

Yeah, well i’m lost because of the wording you used in your opening post. You use ‘two’ DAWs to make a ‘simple’ drum pattern and i find that a little weird seeing as i can open any plugin capable of making drum sounds, open any of the midi editors in Cubase and program a simple pattern in seconds.
Even quicker if i record overdub and play in whatever pattern i fancy using my keys or pads. Set AQ up should you wish and it takes seconds to experiment and come up with something not necessarily so simple, but more complex should you wish.

I still miss the Reason drum machine - Redrum. It was awesome. I mostly use Spark 2 or just a do pattern with midi editor. Sure, beat designer could use a graphical overhaul, but it pretty much does what it’s supposed to.

I hear you. I just really wish they implemented it into the daw as opposed to being a midi insert.
A) It saves a lot of steps
B) There’s no need to muck about getting it to map properly
and lastly, like you said, it’s long past due for a major overhaul.

Pattern mode in Studio One 4 nailed it, if anyone is curious why I’m ranting.

I think drum programming has been forgotten by many DAW’s (top end)! I begun using Atlas VST recently, once they implement step sequencing with saved patterns, it’ll be the only drum plugin I need. BUT I do think Steinberg should do something similar for free, perhaps GA agent or just a new free VST, ability to load your own samples (maybe 12-15), save patterns for that kit, then as you make your music, you can quickly and easily change the kit to suit your music better.
Currently as I said, using Atlas, but also use Battery, then programming the beats using piano roll (find it easier than the drum editor), overall, it’s lame and long winded. ReDrum was brilliant, I don’t use Reason as much but I loved switching kits in ReDrum on the fly, change direction with your track. I never use any of the stock samples, midi or audio.