"beat designer"

I was wondering why all the other midi plugins have “always on top” but “beat designer” still doesn’t? Its a proper drain on your work flow when its constantly resizing my screen if I want to use it in any other view than full screen.

… +1, same here… ;o)


A very good question … which you are not the first to pose on the forum … but, to the best of my knowledge, never yet answered by Steinberg.

Hopefully addressed in 7?

A lot of the midi plug-in are long in the tooth and in need of revision.


+1!.. about time this one was resurrected!

Ha-ha… How hard is it for these numerous paying customers to get a reply about this issue then? I’ve seen it raised on plenty of forums but never once came across a reason. Seems like it must be a simple fix… Maybe they are thinking if we think we can do better we should give it a go ourselves… In that case… New Daw company on the way guys from me, look out for PreLogBerg… Anyone want to invest?? :laughing: