beat designer

is possible to have a random button in this plug in??

That sounds like a pretty good idea actually, who knows what you could come up with that way. You can then dump the randomized data to a track and further edit to choice. I bet you would come up with some pretty unique variations you would never think of yourself. You can set a threshold of ‘how much’ randomization is to take place to help control the amount of randomization taking place.


i’d like cubase has more feature like this…i’ve just open another post about step designer…it will be cool to have more control there…note fold,play forward,back B/F F/B or random (it is just present),and why not…this features in drum designer

i rally hope that steinberg team read this post and think about more midi sperimentation in this software


p.s…don’t forget random button in media browser…like SEQUEL!! :wink:


Yes, good in theory. But really, what are the chances that the result will be a musical beat after you’ve hit the random button? Not saying that it’s impossible, but rarely do I get superior results with a random button. :mrgreen:

don’t warry,random to make some groove is the best :wink:

Use the step designer. I do with a perc kit for texture.

i always do it…but with beat designer u can assign specific notes in the key…some instrument play only some notes

Yeah, there’s only one octave on display in the step designer. Beat designer is specifically geared toward drums as you can customize the number of lanes and what notes you want to view (toms, kicks, cymbals, snares, etc.)

But whatever works…