Beat Designer

Is it possible , does anyone know, to make it a bit more customized ?

Basically, I would prefer to make full velocity for the tabs in BD to represent 100 in the MIDI clips allowing for a bit of leeway either side.

It’s easier to paint in max velo tabs into the pattern generator, so can the high/lo values be altered at all, maybe in a config ?

You can adjust the individual PAD levels. You can also press the MAX tab to achieve full velocity of ALL the pads. You can adjust the master out too in GA ONE. I would just set the MAX tab, then adjust the master or individual pad levels to your liking…
Should do the trick

I could manually adjust all pad levels yes, but that’s painstakingly slow and difficult. I’d rather make the bright yellow = 100 velo.

What MAX tab are you talking about ? And I don’t use it with GAO anymore, I am using Battery and Poise, so whatever gets printed in the MIDI when I drag it out, is what they read.

Sorry, I thought you were using GAO. Not sure why I thought that, but oh well.

The MAX tab is in GAO and is in the top right corner, under the “global” area and its actually called V-MAX, my bad. In Battery 3, im not really sure if theres a maximum velocity setting (I would imagine there is, I just never used it and dont recall seeing it), but you could highlight all the pads quite easily and go into the “setup” tab, then adjust the volume to 100.

Ive never used Poise and therefore know NOTHING about it. Its looks VERY similar to GAO though in a screenshot, but doesnt seem to have any extra “banks” or “groups”!..? Is there only the 16 pads, and if you wanted another 16, youd have to load another instance of it? If this is so, I would give GAO a try! It gives you 8 groups of 16.

GrooveAgentONE:Multi Selection Pad Editing
Parameters can be adjusted for multiple selected pads (e.g. Tune, Pan, Volume etc.). Multiple pads can be selected via modifier key (CTRL on PC, CMD on Mac) and mouse click on the desired pads. Parameter adjustments for multiple selected pads work in relative mode by default. To adjust parameters in absolute mode, CTRL/CMD + click the parameter to set an absolute default value for all selected pads first, then adjust the parameter to the desired value. Pads in a a multi selection appear in a darker green tone. The first selected pad has the LCD focus and appears in a lighter green tone.

I think we are at cross purposes here ! Lol I appreciate you taking the time to try and help but I am juts talking about about the MIDI insert Beat Designer.

It can be used with Battery and Poise, but it’s very limited, and tbh needs a lot more work to be really good. If there was a way of configuring each tab as you print them so that the default velocity’s would all be the same. I would rather have less control over each tab in favour of being able to use quicker inputs of the tabs at 100 not 127.

Beat Designer does seem like an afterthought and hasn’t been updated since it came out. It needs the ability to edit more things like lane names etc. length of MIDI note, etc etc.

Please forgive my ignorance!

Yeah, having more control in BD, to allow less control would be nice! I agree that placing tabs/beats in BD can be quite tedious! You an I both, would like the FL Studio type tabs/beats where they just get placed at a fixed velocity, then there is a “velocity editor” that allows QUICK editing if you wanted variation. Like in this pic…

Nothing compares to FL Studio’s workflow…its lightning fast! If Steiny took some notes, it’d be fucking insane how good Cubase would be. I already LOVE Cubase, but there are SO many things I miss from FL Studio! :frowning:

Question How do you insert a jpeg into the text so it shows, without having to click on it? I see people do it all the time, but dont know how. Is it the “place inline” tab? I tried this before and the pic had errors afterward.

Heres a test…

See what I mean? It just got rid of the little white box and made the link bigger. Wtf am I doing wrong?

P.S. Sorry for jacking the thread :blush:

+1 on the lane names too! It CAN be achieved by creating Drum Maps, but Id rather just do it on the fly, by a right click and rename.

The Key Editor seems to be what youd rather work with though. Beat Designer is an extension of the Drum Editor, designed specifically for “beats” or triggering drum samples. When using long samples, or to alter the length of the sample, use the Key Editor, and for drum triggers, use the Drum Editor or Beat Designer. The Editors allow you to change names of the lanes as well as the order of them (im sure you know).

Using Beat Designer and the Drum Editor together, is pretty nice! They married quite well, with the exception of the velocity issue in Beat Designer. I use the Drum Editor with Beat Designer ALL THE TIME!, to trigger/change the patterns in Beat Designer in a linear manner. You can create stuttering of the patterns and whatnot in real time also.

The forum doesn’t let you place images you uploaded as attachments inline I think. What I do is upload the image to a website like and then use the link you get there with the ‘IMG’ tags here to embed a picture.

Aww man! COOL BEANS! Thank you! Much appreciated. :slight_smile: