Beat Detection

Hope you guys can help me with a small problem that probably has a very easy answer. I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 6 - previously had 5 for about 12 months.

I like to take old 70s & 80s soul tracks and add new beats and extra production to them to give them a contemporary feel. When I use the new ‘Beat Detection’ - it analyses the tempo of each bar in the track. Because the tracks are old, the tempo can alter dramatically between each bar which makes overdubbing a beat throughout the track a very long process.

Can you tell me how I can take that track that has the Beat Detection apllied and by using slicing and quantizing, I can make the bars all the same tempo without affecting the pitch of the track please?

It would make my life MASSIVELY easier if I knew how to do this. Thanks in advance


Please watch the quick tutorials ADVANCED PART 2 as in the dvd comes with cubase 6 package.There is your answer…

Many thanks for the information but unfortunately there are no tutorial videos included in my upgrade to Cubase 6 - maybe that’s just on the complete full version if somebody buys 6 from scratch.

Sorry to be a pain but I’ve tried reading it in the manual and it just doesn’t explain it anywhere. I am fairly new to Cubase and learning as I go along so any help anyone can offer would be massively appreciated.



You should have ALL of the DVDs that come with the full version of Cubase…

Did you buy it through the Steinberg shop? I got mine from them as an upgrade from C4 and it has 5 DVDs with various demos and all the tutorial videos on another DVD.

Yeah he is right. If you got your package you suppose to have all dvds. If not there must be a problem. Contact your supplier. There is no way to explain your solution via forum. U have to watch those tutorials.

Thanks for the info everyone…I just found them on the DVDs!!! Will check them out now :slight_smile:
Happy customer - thanks guys! One day I might know enough to help someone with a question on here LOL


Hey Neil

Glad you found them. There is a good explanation about beat detection. And good news cubase 6 has new features about finding tempos and time stretching. So please watch them and tell us if you fixed your problem.


Absolutely spot on…worked a treat!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

great news. Your welcome :wink: