"beat detective" problem

sorry for using the competitions term but i dont know how steinbergs multitrack drum editing suite is officially called :wink:

soo, my problem is this:

  1. i create hitpoints i.e. for basedrum, snare, hihat and toms
  2. with all drumtracks selected and organized in a group folder, i open the drum editing thingy where you select track priorities and do the cutting, quantizing and crossfading
  3. heres the problem: usually, the list contains either not all tracks in the drum group that have hitpoints, or some tracks are greyed out. i.e. the tom tracks so far have ALWAYS been greyed out, resulting in the tom notes not being cut, so i have to do those edits manually afterwards.

why is that? what am i doing wrong? or is cubase seriously only able to make the cuts based on a maximum of 3 tracks’ hitpoints??

Page 115 Slice rules.

You need to set slice priority.

aaah moving mouse left/right. i tried double clicking and whatnot…