Beat groupings in time signatures unable to simplify

I have been using a beat grouping of 3+2+2 in 7/8 in order to get the desired beaming I want.
However, this shows the time signature as 3+2+2/8 rather than 7/8.
I looked in engraving settings and single number numerator appearance was already selected by default.
How do I keep the 3+2+2 beat grouping and beaming and also have a clean 7/8 time signature?

In the time signature popover (shift-M), type [3+2+2]/8 .

This creates the right beat grouping, but in the actual written time signature, presents itself as 3+2+2/8 rather than a simplified 7/8

From the manual:

From the online help at:

Time signatures popover?

In the score, the time signature appears incorrectly (2+3+2+2 rather than 9/8 in this example)
The engraving setting is already set to single number numerator

Are you including the square brackets - [ ] - in what you type into the popover?

Use brackets [ ] around the numerator sum of your time signature.

I cannot include brackets, only numbers, plus signs, and spaces

What sort of keyboard are you using?
If you are using a U.S.- or English-layout keyboard, the brackets are to the right of the “P” key. Make sure you don’t use the Shift key with them, otherwise you get braces (curly brackets) { and } .

I am using a standard US keyboard, and the brackets do not work, with or without shift. I’ve also tried copy-pasting the brackets into the interface which does not work either.

Oh, dear! It sounds like you might have a faulty keyboard, and/or possibly a software problem. Apart from the physical keyboard itself, is it correct to assume that your System language is set to English? I have occasionally seen problems caused by a mismatch there.

This might help you.
The attached Dorico project has a 7/8 time signature at the start set to [3+2+2]/8. Select that time signature and copy-paste it into another Dorico project. It should work.

7-8.dorico (548.5 KB)

Yup, the attached file worked! It’s not a permanent fix but it’ll work for now, thanks!

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Just for your info, the link you shared to the webhelp points to the Dorico 1 manual. The relevant page in the Dorico 4 manual, which is more recent and snazzier, is here:

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Thanks, Lillie.
That was from an old bookmark in my browser.
I have deleted it and replaced it with the current URL.