Beat Numbers and Groupings

I wrote a piece in 12/8 but has a drum part that is (5+4+3)/8. Is it possible to show the beat numbers and groupings as the example below shows without adding text to the entire measure.

I used the lyrics popup. Not exactly how I described it in my previous post but it works.

I take it back, it does not work. As soon as I closed and then reopen the file, the numbers were on top of one another…

Do you mean vertically or horizontally?
Maybe a screen shot would help.

Is the attached what you are trying to achieve?

Drums.dorico (462.7 KB)

Both lines of the lyrics are attached to the hi-hat.

Where there was a note to which I did not want to attach a number, after having entered the number for the previous note and pressing space to advance to the next note, I pressed shift-alt-space twice to prevent an underscore from showing, then pressed space again to advance. The second line of numbers is in the second lyric line - select note, press shift-L, press down-arrow (a new verse number should appear in the Lyrics popover), then enter the “lyrics”.

I think the shift-alt-space keystroke gives one of the “hard space” or “non-breaking space” characters (others can correct me there on the exact terminology). Having two of them together seems to make Dorico treat them as a syllable rather than as a lyric separator. Anyhow, whatever the underlying reasons might be, it worked for me. By the way, I’m on a Mac, so that keystroke might possibly be different on Windows, but there will be an equivalent.

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I tried it on another file and didn’t have the same problem, so maybe I input something incorrectly when I began. Thanks for your assistance.

If you use lyrics with two different verses, it should work, they should not overlap. Lyrics can be attached to a rhythmic position, they do not need a note. Make sure you use the caret. The problem you could have here is that it is a kind of condensed staff — 5 line staff notation for percussions were the premises of what we know now as condense feature, there are some hidden difficulties to achieve some things that are perfectly working on normal staves.

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You can also just not put any lyric on a beat position: Instead of Space, hit Enter to end input, select the next note you want, and Shift-L again.

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