Beatbox drumsounds using on miditracks

Many times i do needed drums sounds from the beatbox plugin.
Is there a way to use the drumsounds on a midi track alone ? do want assign the 13 sounds individual to a midi track 1 to 13 in HALion5
How to route those drumsounds from Beatbox in HAlion5?

Hey dutch,

Activate multiple outputs in halion.
Assign the different drum sounds to those outputs on the mix page of beat box.

Look in Halion manual: p 207

kind regards,

Hey Roel thanks!

I will try that … let you know if i get it done
Not working yet
I like to use HAlion5 as plugin on a midi channel and replace a General Midi drumsound with Halion5 with the dreambeat soundbank
Most easy is to load the beatbox on a midichannel and mute the not wanted drumsounds, but the used drumsound of beatbox most follow the midi notes of the the midi track