Beating artefacts

I’m just doing some work on a friend’s project and there’s an infuriating little knock (I think from a creaky chair) during one passage. I’ve never particularly had to deal with artefacts mid-song before so I just wondered what tools are built in to Cubase that might be usefully deployed? I’m using LE5 fwiw.

Apart from trying to edit the noise out during quite bits, then there’s not much else within Cubase for that sort of thing that wont impact on the sound like EQ or some form of multi-band compression, maybe some volume automation and/or eq automation may help. A better way is whats called spectral editing, Wavelab can do that.

thanks Split. I had feared as much. I’m usually able to deal with such things by simple editing but this is right on the main vocal track. It’s annoying me, but not enough to spend £300 on Wavelab!

If anyone is interested I found a shareware VST spectral editing tool called Spectro that works with Cubase and am trying to sort out the artefact that way. Will report back if it’s any good.

Cool… I like some of the Stillwell plugs, would like to know how you get on.