Beatles Blast 2013

Last night I played in a band as part of a larger event at Staten Island’s Yankees Stadium. It wasn’t the Yankees Stadium, but instead was for the minor league team that is one step below the Major Leagues. The show went relatively well, and I got to meet a few people: Garrett Gardner, who sang on this past season of The Voice; Liberty Devito, who is Billy Joel’s former drummer; and Phil Castellano, who was running the board and is the former Chief Engineer of both Electric Ladyland and Hit Factory.

Photos may be found here.

I’ve listened to Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas before, uber- cool u got to meet him and play at the same venue!

Cool stuff Larry! :sunglasses:

He was definitely a nice guy, but overstayed his welcome. Most of the bands were playing 4 songs at most, and he went for 11+ songs. Since the hometown favorite - Garrett Gardner (from the 2013 season of The Voice) - was coming after him, people got impatient with him. I’m not happy that the crowd was starting to get unruly, but I also can’t say I blame him.

The worst thing is that only the bigger acts got soundchecks: Billy Kramer, Garrett, London Fog, and The Blue Meanies. We didn’t, in spite of the fact that we had the largest band that night at 14 pieces. As a result, the mixing engineer (Phil Castellano) heard the piano and thought it was me playing without realizing that we had two keyboardists. You couldn’t hear a single note I played, which is sad given that one of the songs was #9 Dream and I had the string parts. :confused: