Beats and Rhythms for Educational Worksheets

Is there a way to show the beats and their subdivisions above a phrase so that students can learn to count? I would want to show the beat subdivisions above an example like the one attached.


Probably the easiest solution is to use shift-X text above the notes where you want to show beats and subdivisions.

You could use horizontal lines to group the beats. You will need to experiment a bit with the properties for the start and end positions to get them looking the way you want them.
beat groups.png

If you want to write above the notes how to count the rhythms I would use lyrics for that.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’m aiming for something like Thomas’ solution. I guess if I use lyrics, and then type in (like your example) “3 e +” where I want smaller divisions of the beat where the notes don’t exist, that would work.

As an aside, you may want to set Engraving Options—Lyrics, minimum space between syllables to a small value, so lyrics don’t change your spacing. If that matters in your situation.

Do note that lyrics can be attached to any point on the grid, using the caret. “3 e +” can be inputted as three separate lyrics.

Thanks Dan and Leo.