Beats with a 'Rudiment' (sorta feel)?

I am looking for beats with a rudiment “sorta” feel (on the snare). Another way to explain it is that the feel has a touch of a marching snare sense as part of the beat.
One example, but not perfect is the old Steve Winwood - High Life song. This is not perfect but the best I can think up of.

Because I’m not a drummer (obviously), I don’t want to try to craft one - I thought I’d see if anyone knows if any of the GA Kits have something like this? Maybe there are MIDI beats with the rudiments themselves?


not off the top of my head without looking around. but you should be able to find something in Acoustic Agent. Sounds like a pretty basic beat of kick and snare. The tricky part is the hi hats and bridge. From what I can tell, its a drummer and programmed drums mixed together.

The word rudiment is pretty ambiguous regarding what you are looking for. Rudiments are the basic underlying rudimentary (hence the name) sticking patterns that drummers learn. They specify both the timing & accents of the hits and which hand, left or right, plays each hit. They are kind of similar to how guitarists learn basic chord shapes and then use them up and down the neck. For drummers rudiments are all about muscle memory

Rudiments in general don’t have a feel although specific rudiments can have a very distinctive feel. Plus there are a whole bunch of different rudiments. So it’s hard to tell what you really want. BFD3’s internal editor lets you draw in rudiments and as you can see the are a lot of different possibilities that also sound very different from each other.

Maybe watch some instructional videos on drum rudiments and see if you can determine which specific rudiment is the sound you want. Once you know that reproducing it should be straightforward.

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Thank you for your reply

Yes… there are a plethora of rudiments. What if… there’s a MIDI file (or set of files) with all of them being played on the snare. The user could pick /choose the parts they want and add it into their beats?

Does such a thing exist? All or a set of MIDI files with many/most of the rudiments?

I bet there is, although I don’t know of any.

Search - drum rudiments midi

Hi VmusicV,
Have you checked out the Midi FX/Rudiments in Groove Agent?
Here’s a video that explains it in detail. Midi FX/Rudiments
Hope this helps?
Kind regards
James Colah