Beauty Full of Soul - beauty contest!

Ok, some time ago I posted a version of this (01o), prompting Dave S of this forum to offer to do a remix (Rev2) - thanks, mate. He used an LCR approach (where everything is panned hard l/r/c, nothing in between - right, Dave?) and what a difference it made. Having heard the possibilities, I decided I wanted another go myself and the result is a05.

So, whaddya think? It’s not really a beauty contest, just the juxtaposition of two approaches to the same song, for comment. But that doesn’t mean that no one’s allowed to express a preference, of course.

Click on the Cactus Juice link in the sig to get to the tunes. [Edit] And then click here to see how the same files sound on his site. :open_mouth:


Original post for 01o:

Hi Duncan

I don’t think the myspace encoding is doing the sound justice, at least not the streams I just listened to. Both files sounded narrow and warbly. I have uploaded my own mix to my blog.

If you would like you can send me your mp3 and I’ll put it up there temporarily.


Edit: Both mixes available at the link above

You should have that in your inbox now, Dave. Thanks.

Christ, you’re not kidding! You wouldn’t believe it’s the same mix, would you?

Cool song, Duncan, I really like it. Wow, Dave, you really know what you’re doing. Just a few things I would complain about:

  1. Make it longer, I don’t think it needs whole new sections, maybe just a variation on the main riff with some tremolo guitar over it in the middle
  2. Selective de-esser on the acoustic guitar to lessen the string squeaks?
  3. There’s an obvious break between recorded sections at -0:17 (as your player counts it) where two bits are pasted together.
  4. Assume you’ll get to cleaning up the ending.

Ah, er, yes of course, wondered how long it would take you all to notice that… Glad you like it and yes, it does need to be a bit longer - well, more varied…