becoming a certified cubase user

hi guys,

i want to become a certified cubase user, and maybe eventually become a certified trainer.
on the internet i found certain training programs, however some of the online programs (and the trainings centers here in the netherlands)
are outdated or not in use.

do you guys know if there a other ways to become a certified user, other from certified training centers/online programs?
and can you become a certified trainer without becoming a certified user first?
i am a pretty experienced cubase user myself. i would like to get some more information on this all.

thanks in advance!


I would like to know that as well.
I am really willing to become a certified trainer of Steinberg products.

Could you steinberg direct us to the right place please?

What does a “certified” cubase user really mean? You may want to ask Martin directly. He seems to offer more replies than most in the general forum.

Perhaps join the beta team? You will find great people but most I think have strengths and weaknesses that are dependent on their own set-ups and their own commercial/hobby projects. There is a difference between the orchestral/film/music trailer person and someone writing a part for Max Martin or Dr. Luke then it going to 4 other people for changes, ideas, etc.

A beta tester is a good way to go deeper and learn Cubase. IMO, Cubase has matured and become so encompassing that if there really is an overall “expert” in Cubase I don’t know who it is. The experts I know all have weaknesses. The program has so many features, and integrated features that effect other features, it’s difficult to become a real expert and then with all the changes, stay on top of things.

I’m a beta tester, but I have never once opened score, or used chord tracks very much. I feel my strengths lie in other aspects of the program.

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There’s no such such thing as a certified Cubase user. However, there are many who are certifiable! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: (Martin is a certified trainer.)

Haha! Many are certifiable indeed! Good one.