Beeping sound at the start?

During the playback only at the start, I can hear beep sound which is played only once. tried to change whole event, but it only can be heard only at the start point.
did I mess up some preference? please help me out…


Not much information to go on to help you. Have you got anything recorded yet or is it a blank project? If you have events in the project select all MIDI events and have a look at the list editor at the point of the beep to see if it is on one of the tracks. Make sure it isn’t an audio track hidden in a folder somewhere. It could be something you have recorded inadvertently which happens to me sometimes.

Maybe it’s the metronome pre-roll although that is usually more than one click.

Do you have any plugins loaded that could be beeping?

you were right!
there was a hidden track that has beep sound at the start for sync purpose.
Thanks a lot!