Beethoven 9th Symphony 4th movement - Dorico4 crashes

Hi experts,
I finished entering all the notes to the above mentioned work - that cost me 2 months evenings.
According to the original score I created 7 parts and now I want to put them together via “Auswählen bis Partieende”.
But Dorico crashes and crashes…
I’m in bar 208 of estimated 800 bars. I have just the first 2 parts open and at the beginning I could copy complete instrument groups without any problem.
Meanwhile I can’t copy just 1 instrument/singer, because DP4 gets grey and stops (Keine Rückmeldung)
And - if DP4 crashes - I must restart the PC!
Is it a RAM prob or something else?
(p.s. I’m using Note Performer)

Can you please attach a project, or a snippet of, along with any steps to reproduce the crash? Also the diagnostics report.

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Here’s the diagnostics report:
Dorico (1.8 MB)

Maybe the above mentioned diag report can’t help, because I had 2 files open.
Here’s the one from the file I want to add the other parts to:
Dorico (1.8 MB)

@Piano_Vink, unfortunately your diagnostic report doesn’t contain any crash dumps. Can you please make sure you follow the steps in the quoted reply above so that Dorico will create mini dumps when it crashes?

I did so.

Can you attach the project that causes the problem together with a description of the steps we need to take to reproduce the crash?

Yes, I can.
Beethoven 9. Symphonie 4. Satz_PVFkmplt.dorico (2.6 MB)
Beethoven 9. Symphonie 4. Satz_PVF Part2.dorico (1.9 MB)
Try to copy the choir voices SATB 2 from PVF Part 2 to PVFkmplt.
Please start in bar 237.

Sorry @Piano_Vink

Can you be a little more specific about exactly what bars you want copied to exactly where you want them pasted?

eg do you mean copy the entire SATB2 part from Part2 and paste at bar 237 in the kmplt? (they are different meters?)

Oh, I forgot that…
Then try to copy the choir up the next meter change.
And yes:
SATB from Part2 to Kmplt.
Or does the problem occur due to the meter change?