Beginner: Can't import .wav file

I have a Zoom F6 audio recorder. I recorded a 32 bit float .wav file recently and was looking forward to using this software to see the latitude in editing it. However I went to import the file and I got an error message saying

“This audio format is not recognized by WaveLab LE. The file can not be opened.”

Sample rate’s match one another. I had also recorded another .wav file with my Zoom H4n and that file imported just fine however that file was a 16 bit and 44.1 sample rate.

I don’t know much about audio, so please dumb down any solutions as if explaining to someone who is still trying to figure all this stuff out!

My main goal is to be able to salvage audio that might be “blown out”- I focus primarily on video and audio is something that I need to be able to manage but is not my profession. I often find myself having audio issues primarily blown out or peaking audio that I feel like a 32 bit float file should be able to bring back? Anyways, any help or insight is welcome. Thanks in advance

WaveLab can only open mono and stereo file. You have probably tried to open an audio file with >= 3 channels.


Try with other software like Cubase, Audacity etc to import your audio file(s)
and then go from there export to Mono, Stereo files
then Import into Wavelab again.

regards S-EH