Beginner - left hand / right hand

Hi guys,
I hope you can help out a beginner :slight_smile: I was trying to find help on google and youtube, however I cannot make anything from auto split point etc.
(Somehow I cannot import a midi - the progress bar just disappears after 92% and nothing is displayed - I have the latest update of Dorico SE)
When I open the midi, I change the instrument to piano, however, all notes are in the “right” hand - I have no idea how to get that fixed

Thanks so much!

Select the notes you want to move to the bass clef, then ALT-M or use the Edit Menu->Paste Special->Move to Staff below. (You can also right click to get the paste special menu). It is tedious and time consuming, but it works.

Unfortunately Dorico is missing an auto split function for existing piano music. It desperately needs one.

James, thank you so much! That is fantastic, now I can work with it. I couldn’t find this info anywhere (had no idea this is called “staff below” - was looking for left hand right hand etc)

Yes, I agree, an auto split function would be be essential

Thanks again! You made my day :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to see the MIDI file you’re having problems importing. Could you zip it up and attach it here?

Yes, attached
Dorico Midi import bricht (3.3 KB)

The MIDI file imports OK for me – here’s the resulting Dorico project. (Don’t be perturbed by the message that this project was created by a later version of Dorico: I happen to be running a development build here today.)

Tom Benscher - After the Rain (2020-05 nr8) - final ACHTEL QUANT.dorico (682.6 KB)

Weird, Dorico stops at 92% every time I try to import the midi - But as I said, when I open (not import) the midi, it does work. Even though it looks very different to your file.
Thanks a lot - will get to work now :slight_smile: and happy Easter!