Beginner mode


As a beginner in making music I would love a beginner mode.

For example: sometimes I mis some knowledge about exporting and rendering. This causes in weird audio samples or ticks and click in my wave files while audio designing. It would be great if I would be warned for somethings like clipping on input or output etc or samplerates that are not matching. This way beginners can learn what’s happening and be warned for export mistakes.

Example: I was sound designing and didn’t réalise my project was in 44khz and my export in 48khz. So when I was mixing later on I réalisé my fresh made audio samples where not useble cause of a weird click in the beginning I didn’t notice while designing.

Also this might include a pop up window when using a short key for the first time explaining what happens and the ability to disable it as we don’t know what it does or won’t use it. Or maybe disable some in the first place to make the soft ware more user friendly to noobs. Sometimes I mes up project because I touched some key without realising that make some changes and I can’t figure out what it was. In the worst case I can’t reset the project with cntrl z.

I know this a al trial and error. But as far as it goes cubase is great to use as a beginner. I have been practicing for 2.5 years now with cubase and I love the possibilities and easynes to use.

However a option like this would help me out a lot so I can focus more on creating music itself.