Beginner problems...

Hi, so I’ve just bought a Lexicon Audio Interface with Cubase LE5, the software is up and running but I can’t hear anything coming from the speakers when I try to record??At first I couldn’t hear the guitar at all, so I swapped the red&white wires from going to the pc to the audio interface and immediately i can hear music played through itunes through the speakers, but I still cant hear anything from what Ive just played on the guitar. I am completely new to this whole recording stuff and would really appreciate it if someone could tell me exactly what I need to do in order to hear what I’ve just recorded through the instrument line without the usual mumbo-jumbo which a beginner like me cant understand! Many thanks, quick answers welcome, need to get this sorted asap so i know theres nothing wrong with the actual equipment.



You’re saying that the recording works? You see a waveform of what you’ve played in the audio track you recorded?