Beginner question re: saving projects

Sorry to bother you with this. I’ve recorded a mobile project on a laptop for the first time. I saved the project to an external HD and then connected that to my main computer. When I opened it, there were no audio files, although the laptop recording was just fine.
I’m a Sonar user. In that DAW, one could save a project with audio or without audio. How do you do that in Cubase? I know this is a terribly basic procedure, but I’m finding the Cubase 10.5 manual to be pretty sketchy.
Thanks very much for the help.

Think I got it…“Backup Project”, but having to create a new folder seemed odd.

It can be quite nasty to copy or backup the project. Basically the directory your project comes in, contains all the files you need. Considering you dont have samples or clips in other directories, you can copy the whole dir the project is in…