Beginner' question regarding new Licensing system

HI guys,

I got a question regarding the new Steinberg licensing system (am a bit confused).

I am still on Cubase pro 11 on my PC (elicenser) and have installed Cubase Elements 10 on my labtop.
On my PC I have also installed several expansions for Groove agent
These of course also show up on my elicenser.

If I understand it correctly, these expansions are not yet included in the new licensing system yet, i.e. if I wanted to use them on my labtop I would still need my dongle attached to the labtop, correct?

Thx for your help

The GA expansion packs might already support the new Steinberg Licensing scheme. Which ones do you have?

If they don’t support the new scheme yet you must attach the dongle to the computer that you want to use them on.
Of course, unless you want to update Cubase to the latest version you will need the dongle for Cubase 11 anyways.

Hi and thx for your feedback.

I have the following GA expansions on my elicenser.
Songwriter Essentials
Pop Essentials
analog House
Metronomic Cinema

I checked Steinberg Homepage and acc. to the info there these support the new licensing system.

My intention now is to use them with Cubase Elements 10 (which runs without dongle) on my laptop. . My understanding is that I should be able to run them without dongle now .
But if I follow instructions (as I understand them) on
the Activation MAnager tells me that the license is already in use (which of course it obviously is) and cannot be used again
But how shall I switch then from elicenser to non-elicenser?

To migrate the eLicenser-based licenses to Steinberg Licensing, you need to redeem the Download Access Codes that you can find in your MySteinberg account in the vouchers section.
I see six unused codes in there.


HI Ed, thx very much for the hint and sorry for the delayed reply. Did not know that. Will do now. Cheers.


Hi Ed,

I never received vouchers for:

Halion symphonic orchestra 1x VST sound instrument set
Compressor 260 plugin
Indie Rock VST sound set

And I got two vouchers for the Grand 3 (don`t know why).

I contacted support (but I`m from Brazil, so no direct support for me, only from local distributor). They told me that eventually I will get those vouchers, but this was a long time ago.

How to contact Steinberg directly and ask about that?