Beginner to Cubase

Just got Cubase 8 Elements an hour ago. I record with
*Se2200A II-C (Mic)
*M-Audio AVID Fast Track 2 (Interface)
I used to record vocals in Audacity which was pretty bad but was usable. Going onto Cubase, I get a lot of background noise from my PC. I have a reflection filter too. I never usually had so much, how can I record vocals on Cubase without so much background noise? I record in my bedroom, I don’t really have any acoustic treatment in here but I guess the reflection filter serves a bit of that.


See your duplicate post, please.

use a gate from your plugins read in the plugins manual how to use it .you can also put silence in between the audio vocals by using the scissor tool to split the audio and fold back the unwanted noise ,time consuming but must have a very noisy comp.

Be carefull with the “putting the silence in between the audio vocals”. If you do so, the brain will take more attencion on the noise, once it comes in. If you leave the noise for the whole song, the brain will ignore it after few seconds.