beginner trying to test recording

Hello, sorry if this is a simple question, but I’m a total beginner and I’m having trouble trying to mess around with cubase and record for the first time. If someone wouldn’t mind taking a few to troubleshoot, I’d appreciate it. I have an RME babyface interface, and I have just one mic plugged into an input, and two monitors connected to the outputs.

So I first set up my interface under “Device Setup”. I then went to “VST connections” to set up my busses. I clicked on “add bus” and I set it up as mono, with the device port being Mic/Line 1. I tested it out and cubase is getting the signal, because the levels in the mixer go up and down when I talk into the mic.

I set up the output bus, as Stereo Out, with the device ports being Analog 1 and 2. I then armed the track, pressing the red record button, clicked the speaker icon next to it, and hit “record” on the transport window. I can see the levels on the track, but when I return the scroll bar to the beginning and try playing back, I hear nothing. Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Hi axis,

to hear the recorded part you have to uncheck the speaker button. As long as the speaker button is active, you will hear the input of the RME and not the recorded part.

Look up in preferences VST and there pick to best behaviour (like tape recorder) that will autimatically switch between the modes depending if you record or playback.

I’m not in the studio now. If you still have problems, I can check that in the evening (Gemany) and give you a screen shot.

Have fun


thanks a bunch! that fixed my problem. ahh, so many little details to get used to. haha.

Glad I could help