Beginner tutorials on Wavelab

Hi everyone. I recently purchased Wavelab 11 pro. Any suggestions as far as tutorials to get you started?

FWIW, while I wish the videos I did were nicely scripted and edited tutorials, they are really just unedited livestreams.

Right now I just don’t have the bandwidth or resources to do a proper series but also, all the videos and preset files on the website are no cost so if you’ve got the time and desire to learn, the info is there.

Obviously there’s lots available on YouTube, but if you want paid, in-depth tutorials there’s this:
It’s a version behind, but all the basics (and much more) are covered in depth and still relevant.
I got this on v9 and still refer back to it, despite being a long-time WL user (since v5?)

That’s fair, but the how-to single and ep/album videos are almost tutorials.

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