Beginner with Cubase..

i have just ordered a 25 key controller, and originally used a performance keyboard to do all my midi input. But now I am switching to the midi controller keyboard for the first time. Can anyone give me any pointers on using a midi controller keyboard? I have Cubase Elements 9.5. Thank you in advance.

Have the same issue… Did you find something?

Hello. Actually, I ended up with an ‘MIDIPLUS’ Akm 320 midi controller. I ‘stupidly’ looked and poked around for a while looking for the driver, how to activate it in the menu’s etc, until i turned the volume up and down on the keyboard. ‘Ah. Already mapped plug and play’…

Now, I am trying for first time to get a condenser mic working to do some vocal recording. So far, not so well getting cubase to see the usb audio interfaces.