Behavior of repeat barline?

Is this the intended behavior? It doesn’t seem like I should need to select only a single note. Not a big deal, just poking around at it.


I think this might be a side-effect of the new 5.0 4.0 feature of highlighting a measure (or several measures) and having it do as it did when you selected two notes. Personally I select the left bar line when I want to enter a starting repeat sign.

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No. It happens in D4 too. (I’ve never noticed it before as I too usually select a barline!).

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Yes, Dorico will create a matching end repeat barline when you create a start repeat barline from a selection.

I would expect start and end barlines if the selection spanned multiple notes horizontally, not one. It was easily figured out, just a thought.


I agree, Dan. I would have expected to need to select more than one rhythmic position, not more than one note at the same rhythmic position.

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It’s a case of single vs. multi selection. They would have to do extra code on multi selection to check whether multiple rhythmic positions are selected.

As an usual rule of thumb, I’d make sure I use the caret. It’s the best tool for sooooo many things we’re used to doing in another way…