Behaviour of tremolo lines

Please have a look on this video:
Bildschirmvideo (1.67 MB)
I’ like to have 3 tremolo lines everywhere … but the behaviour is strange …
Does anybody has a hint?

Dorico will automatically adjust the number of slashes on tie chains with different note values. It can be overridden using the Single Stem Tremolo property in the (engrave mode) properties panel…

There’s a tension between measured and unmeasured tremolos here, and exactly where the boundary condition between a tremolo being treated as measured or unmeasured is a bit of fuzzy one. Depending on the tempo, that might be at two strokes, or three, or even four. Unmeasured tremolos are often written with the same number of strokes on all notes, regardless of their note value, whereas measured tremolos of course need to take into account the note duration and the effect the beams have on the dividing up of the note. In the future I think we should have an explicit way of indicating that a tremolo is unmeasured, so that Dorico knows it can put the same number of strokes on all notes, regardless of duration.

Any such configurable indication for an unmeasured tremolo would have the added benefit that it could be called in Expression Maps for those VST’s that have separate sounds for tremolos.

… or apply custom symbols like penderecki or wieniawski tremolos, which are NOT buzzrolls…