Behringer BCD3000

Behringer_BCD3000.midiremote (3.1 KB)

Hopefully someone can have some fun with this… I’ve mapped out the midi on a BCD3000 DJ/Midi controller. It’s a real mess of controller assignments but fortunately it’s all documented, and you get a whole bunch of faders, knobs and buttons (plus a 4/4 audio interface thrown in!). The buttons have LED’s which are also mapped.

However I’ve now got NO IDEA what to do with it, so I’ve not mapped ANY control bindings. There doesn’t seem to be any sensible way to map any of the controls to Cubase… which I guess is fair, as it’s designed to run Trakor! But maybe there’s some crazy, mad scientist way of mapping this thing?

Basically all the backend work is done for this, so maybe some one can figure out the front end stuff as a user mapping?