Behringer BCF 2000

Question ? Has anyone got the Behringer BCF 2000 to work in Cubase 13 with motorised faders.
I’ve tried pretty much everything and the faders just won’t work properly.

thanks in advance.

Unfortunately a long standing and never resolved problem with the Cubase MIDI Remote.

For the time being, the Generic Remote is still the better bet when using motorized faders.

In a nutshell, the problem with the MIDI Remote is, that it echoes the values sent by the motorized fader with some latency (delay), resulting in what feels like a pushback from the fader when you move it.

The Generic Remote seems to be smart enough not to echo the values to the device that sent them, so it doesn’t seem to have the same problem.

Ok thanks for the info. If you don’t mind me asking how would I set the BCF 2000 up as a generic remote in Cubase 13 ?

Hi @Leelo and @Nico5,

In Cubase 13.0.20 we introduced the update MIDI Remote 1.1 which provides a solution for touch sensitive controls. But you have to do JavaScript coding for it.

Please look at the updated docs:

Hi @Jochen_Trappe,

Unfortunately the old BCF 2000 doesn’t get touch sensitive faders.

This feedback thing can really be annoying when using a device that can’t ignore it.


And unfortunately Javascript coding is not realistic and/or desirable for most users.