Behringer BCR2000 midi remote

Hi Robin,

I’m also working on the C4. :wink: If you want to, we can share some code.


I would be glad to. Let me clean up a few things and I’ll get it uploaded to github. Keep in mind that this is my first venture into javascript - but I sure have learned a lot. I am a hardware /FPGA designer and work with VHDL, but I am not a software person, so I am probably not doing some things properly.


@Giampaolo_Gesuale , great job! Congratulations and thanks for uploading everything! Here is my skin, which has a slightly different structure. It controls Envelope shaper, EQ, Tube comp, Magneto 2 and other channel strip controls. I am currently working on the script and will use some of your ideas. Thanks!


Hey, this file doesn’t seem able to download, do you still have it?

I need the .bcr preset ideally, the one on the original post doesn’t seem to work for me :frowning: - thanks!


Great to see my old BCR 2000 BCR Mapping from :wink:

Is it my 14Bit NRPN Control for Frequency and Quick Controls?
And my 4 Speeds for turning the encoders?

This is my BCR 2000 setup:

Have not uploaded my new cubase 12 config there.
There are problems with cubase 12 not recognizing the BCR 2000 after long working with cubase 12…

Also I changed capcitors in the psu because not recognizinmg hardware usb port under Win 10.

It is November 2022 and the BCR2000 is still relevant!

Many thanks to Giampaolo_Gesuale for reviving my unit and also to everyon who contributed.
I was on the hunt for a CC121 especially because of the AI feature. Now, within less than one hour,everything is working on this old unit. Only thing left is to order a customized overlay.
I am using Cubase since the Atari days, but this is my first post here.

So once again “THANK YOU!!!” :star_struck:

Hello Giamapolo, I’m sorry to bother you, I downloaded your script and tried it but I have a question that is referred to the BCR200 and the correct functionality with this script. Should I Turn it on holding some button or something to make it be in a special mode or something? When I import the script , and I try the Pan for example just jumps to L or R completely and I have the intuition it means the knob is in a strange mode… Again maybe I have to read through all the post or work a little more, and I will figure it out. Thanks to anyone that may help too.