Behringer controller set-up in Cubase


I just bought the Behringer X-touch Mini, as a complement to the X-Touch One that I had already.

The X-touch One, I had no issue setting it up, it’s in MC mode on the device and in Cubase Pro 11, in Studio Set up, I added a Remote Device / Mackie Control, and entered what action the F1, F2, F3 and F4 was doing, all the rest worked immediately without any other set-up.

The X-Touch midi, not the same story. It seems it can be set-up either in Standard mode or in MC.

  • Standard mode:

    • I just plug it, and I am able to do the main task I wanted, which is assigning the 16 Quick Controls (8 Tracks, and 8 VST), by clicking ‘Learn’ and turning the knobs on the device itself. I can swtich between the 2 serie of 8 by changing the Layer (the Layer soft touch button on the device)

    • My problem is nothing else works, all the other 16 soft touch don’t do anything, as well as when pushing the 8 physical knobs.

  • MC Mode: when i put MC Mode on (unplugging the USB, plugging in again andpushing the MC soft touch button at the same time), I then added a Mackie Control remote device in Cubase Studio Set Up, and there the transport works, but the knobs don’t do anything (doesn’t seem to be compatible with the Quick Control assignement (i tried to reassign, as the midi CC change when in MC mode, didn’t work properly). And the 8 first row of soft touch button don’t do anything.

I know that the X-Touch editor software doesn’t exist on MAC (and that one solution is to install a virtual machine to run Windows to do the set-up), but I wonder if there is really no way to do some basic settings without the software in Cubase, in Mackie Control mode (which I definitely doesn’t fully understand).

Thank if anybody has some insights!


Don’t mixup Mackie Control and Quick Controls, please. Once you use the Mackie Mode on the hardware, make sure, the Quick Controls don’t use the hardware MIDI Input Port.


OK so I think what I want to do is actually setting the X-Touch Mini as a “Generic Remote” Device.
I’m trying to wrap my head around the various settings, not very clear, even reading the manual.

Midi status for instance, not sure if I have to set my button as Controller or Note off.
And then for the tab below, undersating what Device / Channel I need in the tab to do what I need to do is not easy, and there doesn’t seem to be any full taxonomy or PDF avalailable online listing everything.

My question now is: can I use the same midi physical device both as a Track Quick Controle and also as a Generic Remote, there is not conflict between the two, as far as I don’t use the same knobs, correct?

OK I got it to work together the way I wanted, which was Mute and Solo buttons for each of my 8 channel groups, for the soft touch button of the X-Touch Mini.
And the knobs for the Quick Control.

Question: is there a way to have a external device button doing what the Mute and Solo "master button’ are doing, which is UNMUTE and UNSOLO ALL tracks at the same time, I’m talking about the M & S button that are at the top of the project window in Cubase. I couldn’t find the command in the Generic Remote set-up window.



Command > Edit > Deactivate All Mute States.
Command > Edit > Deactivate All Solo States.

This is brilliant, thanks!
Again, is there some kind of online help page where every “command” or action is listed per category?


You can search for the Key Command in the Key Command window. Mostly the folder match the one in the Generic Remote.