Behringer FCA1616 Audio In/Out Drops Periodically

Sorry in advance if this is not the correct place or format for this.

I’m running Cubase Artist 8.0.10, MacBook Pro, with a Behringer Firepower FCA1616 Audio Interface connected via Firewire.

What I am noticing is that sometimes, I have no audio input/output capability from the MacBook Pro to/from the Behringer, but only within the Cubase software. This is for recording or playing audio tracks, playing VST instruments, etc basically any audio to/from Cubase, nothing will be working. Within Cubase all the software level meters/monitors will be indicating that audio is “being sent”, as if I “should” hear something – but active signal will not be showing on the Behringer.

Mind you, the audio in/out on the Behringer itself will be working fine, I can monitor the audio inputs/outputs directly no problem, its any audio feeds to/from Cubase via Firewire that will not be working. To note: Both the MacBook Pro and the Behringer will be indicating that everything is connected via LED etc, I can even play Mac system sounds through the Behringer, just no audio in/out within Cubase.

I know this has to be some type software/hardware sync problem; currently how I fix this problem by first Quitting and then Re-Starting Cubase.

Sometimes I might be working within one project where everything is working just fine. I close that project and open another existing project (that was working fine the last time I saved it), then find that the audio to/from the computer is not working. I simply close that project where I’m having the problem (without saving mind you), close Cubase, re-start Cubase, then re-open that same project and then the audio will be working.

Annoying to say the least.

Apologies if this is a RTFM issue, I’ve been working my way through the full 1300+ pages, but yes I’ve read all sections that I can figure are relevant.

That being said, if someone can confirm that this could be a start up order issue? Usually I power up everything else in my studio before turning the computer on, mixer, keyboards, midi interfaces, effects, the audio interface, everything. What is the non-error path to system start up? Could starting Cubase before connecting the audio interface cause this issue?

As with anything, sometimes I walk away from the computer and it screen saves, or I’m multi tasking with Cubase in the background… any issues I should know about?

Last question, in the Devices>>Device Setup page, for VST Audio System there is a setting for “Release Driver when Application is in Background”. I know this has to do with the situation where you are running multiple applications that need access to the same audio interface/driver (i.e. for awhile I was running Cubase and Digital Performer both open at the same time). But could this setting (or another setting like this) have something to do with my issue.

Thanks in Advance!