Behringer iStudio iS202 versus Aiesis i/o Mix 4 cubasis ?

Behringer iStudio iS202 iPad Docking Station or the Alesis I/o Mix , i see only these 2 top options in the world so far , which is better ? pls , also willl an I Pad 2 work well??? where does the audio conversion A/D, / D/A , happen , in the hard ware or on the Ipads ?? lastly will an apps synth with multi touch , give me midi out , if i play a melody line , to Cubase 6.5 ? n use the C6.5 H4 tones ??? i see that this will be a better option than a Zoom Multitracker etc ,
lastly do Ipad have external memory / slot , i read some where it supports micro SD Cards??
thanks would welcome any suggestions sm

I have the Alesis. I’ve been using it to record acoustic guitar w/ condensor mics and a small Mackie mixer. It works well. Alesis has a tutorial on setup and operating it on their site. There are a couple of steps to follow to make it function properly. I have had an occasional issue with static on my recordings. Didn’t know what caused it. It happens on Cubasis and Garageband. I checked everything. When I disconnected the Alesis and recorded on the ipad onboard mics there was no static. Couldn’t get an answer why this happened( everything works 90% of the time). I also use a keyboard controller and that’s working well.
No memory slot on ipad.

Quick question: Do you use a midi controller with the alesis i/o Mix? Does it have midi connections too?