Behringer Neutron not listing in Cubase Pro 12 MIDI Devices list

Hi folks,

today I picked up a Behringer Neutron and have had no success setting it up with Cubase Pro 12 (Windows 10 Pro). The Neutron configuration software sees it and it’s listed in devices but when trying to add it to External Instruments, it doesn’t appear in the MIDI Devices listing.

Also, I have a Nektar LX61+ and a little Focusrite 2i2 - both working well - but I can’t get any MIDI into the Neutron via either USB (setting MIDI In to the LX61+) or via the MIDI cable from the 2i2 (setting MIDI In to the Focusrite). This all done outside of Cubase.

I’m no guru but this is the same result with 2 of my DAW computers, both Win 10 Pro and both with Cubase Pro 12.

Note, the Neutron works well when receiving MIDI directly from my Roland RD800 and has the latest firmware, so it does communicate with my computers, just not with Cubase or my other gear.

No doubt I’ve made a stupid mistake somewhere and I will be forever grateful to anyone who can give me the appropriate fix (and the appropriate kick up the derrière)!

Cheers and thanks,

Well - to follow up, on submitting a detailed tech support request to Behringer (Music Tribe), their response was to tell me to plug in the USB cable to a USB port to make it work. As a software engineer of over 30 years, you can imagine how excited I was to receive such sophisticated and sagely advice… :crazy_face:

So, today I decided to return the little Neutron and am now thinking Moog product thoughts… mmmm


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I cannot help you with the rest but regarding MIDI Devices in Cubase in general:
Just a few devices have are listed as a MIDI Device. You can quickly build your own.
Menu Studio → More Options → MIDI Device Manager
Install Device → Define New…

Give it a fancy name at the top, then click OK.

Then make sure it is selected on the left hand side and assign it the correct MIDI output.

Then open your Audio Connections (F4) → External Instruments → Add External Instrument

Give it a real fancy name, select the number of mono and stereo returns and click Associate MIDI Device → MIDI Device → “your midi device”

As the last step define the Audio Device and then the Inputs of that Audio Device.

Thanks Johnny - your time is much appreciated and I will use your advice next time. Unfortunately it appeared that the little Neutron had an issue which likely contributed to the problem, so I have returned it.

However, I may be able to push the limits with my good wife and purchase something a little beefier, preferably with a Moog label somewhere on it. In the meantime I’ll have a go at using your advice with another device I have here. :smile:

Take care and cheers for your time - Dave

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