Behringer Q502USB (using for vocal / guitar) not communicating


My set up is:
Elements 11 on iMac (running latest update on IOS)
Behringer X-Touch One Surface Controller
Alesis V49 Keyboard

I’ve got a Behringer Q502USB mini mixer / interface which I bought to use to input vocals and guitar etc.

It’s connected to the back of my iMac via the USB. I’m using a Behringer C1 Condenser Mic into the balanced XLR input on the 502 (I’ve also tried a Shure SM58 into the jack line in). I’m seeing signal on the VUs of the 502 so I know that it’s getting signal. Equally if i plug headphones into the 502 or phono out into an amp, I’m getting signal and clear vocal.

However, I’m getting nothing into my DAW, no signal on the mixer screen at all.

The Studio set up has recognised (and named the Q502USB) automatically and is set up both on the Studio Setup / Audio Systems and on the Audio Connections but still nothing.

I’ve tried swapping the USB cable to see if that is faulty (with one I know works) but still nothing.

Can anyone help me?


Some points to check:

On your audio track: Is the input correctly set to Q502? If yes: Have you activated the monitor button? It looks like a little speaker icon, it turns yellowish when activated.

If that’s not it, could you please post screenshots of your Audio Connections window? Inputs, Outputs, Control Room.