Behringer truth b2030a for £100 used-good enough deal?

Hi folks,

Just today I seen a pair of behringer truth b2030a monitors for £100 at local store, used item but look in excellent condition no cosmetic marks whatsoever, I take it they probably work ok as well, with 3 months warranty.

As I currently mix with Logitech desktops computer speakers, the mixes don’t come out that bad to be honest, do you think that is a good price for the behringer monitors?

Thanks for any advice.

I haven’t heard them but in their pricerange they’re supposed to be really good! Make sure they’re active (unless you have an amp), but if they are that looks like a nice deal.

The “a” designates that they are in fact “Active”. :wink:

pretty muddy… the word “truth” is not correct
I would look at KRK in that budget price range.

I’ve A/B’d the Truth B3031As with the KRK Rokit 8s
The Truths won hands down ! :wink: