Behringer UM2 Audio Interface

Hi all,

I have the Behringer UM2 Audio Interface plugged into my computer and I use Cubase Elements 10.
I don’t have external speakers plugged into my Behringer.
The only way I can have have sound output on my setup to my 7.1 logitech speakers that are connected to my computer is to have AUDIO4ALL V2 installed.

Is there another way I can use my logitech speakers without having to go through ASIO4ALL V2 or is there a better software I can use?

Thank you!



You can’t use 2 ASIO devices (one for Input, another one for Output) in Cubase. Therefore the only one way is to use virtual ASIO driver (ASIO4ALL), which marries all your Audio devices.

This is the right way, if you want to use this setup.

So I’m doing it right.
Thank you so much!