Behringer umc1820

I cannot get a mic/line signal into cubase 11 from the above named interface
the iMac I am using receives the mic input signal but I can’t get anything to cubase
I am pulling my hair out there is nothing about this issue anywhere on the net
help pleeeees

Are you sure you are choosing the correct input in Cubase for the track? My UMC1820 is permanently connected to my MPC Live for outputs. but the labeling on the inputs might be out of order so to speak. The outputs are all numbered on the back so those are easy to line up with your DAW, so you’ll have to figure out where in the inputs the two mic/line inputs live. My MOTU 828x is broken up “out of order” so I’ve got my mic inputs first, then the first 8 analog inputs, then the SPDIF, then the 2 banks of ADAT inputs so they may put the mic/line inputs somewhere else in the list.

thank you for that I will check it
I have been using Focusrite for years
but my new Mac doesn’t do firewire so that’s why I chose this
especially as it promises plug and play

I’m stuck on my work computer for a few more hours but I can hook mine up later tonight and check it as well (I uninstalled 11 though so it will be tested with 12 Pro). I have never connected mine to my Mac and only bought it to use as class compliant interface with my MPC, but luckily the USB hub its plugged into is right next to my Mac so I can swap it over as soon as I’m free. It should work pretty well with the Mac too, I was shocked at how well it works with the MPC of all things so I would think the Mac should be good to go too.

omg that is so generous of you
thank you so much for your help

btw the instruments tracks in cubase playback fine to the headphones monitor on the 1820
I just can’t get the cubase to recognise the audio inputs
the mic input signal shows up on the input gauge in the Macs own audio setup but nothing to cubase
I have set up audio inputs for years with cubase with no bother
I even sent this back
but they returned the 1820 saying it works fine with their pc which was totally unhelpful
telling me to download drivers for the Mac when there are non

if you do get it to work with 12 then I will upgrade

hi mono
the stupid Steinberg spam bot blocked my post last night for a while
did you manage to find time to try out the interface with your Mac

I really appreciate you helping me out

Hi, under your Mac privacy settings, you need to allow Cubase to access the microphone.

I love you thank you so much
I have had loads of people on this and no-one knew that x

Last night I got thrown off when I connected it and only saw 8 inputs so I thought it wasn’t working. For some reason I thought this had the same number of inputs as my 828X and the two mic inputs were missing but I didn’t realize the two mic inputs on the front are inputs 1/2 haha.

Anyways, yeah I have it working here. I have my MPC’s main outs running into input 1/2 right now on the front of the UMC and they’re coming into Cubase just fine using Stereo 1/2. No drivers needed, its just recognized automatically by Audio MIDI setup like it is when I use it with my MPC. I think this is the first time I’ve ever actually used the inputs on this thing too haha. I only bought it so I could run an MPC with 16 outputs.

Like Louis_R mentioned, make sure you gave Cubase permission to access the inputs in the Security and Privacy settings. Thats about the only thing I can think of at this point.

thank you sooo much
basic error I know but I had loads of people trying to work it out and they didn’t think of that either so I don’t feel to bad
now I can finish another album that no-one will ever hear lol


Yeah that little step you only have to do the first time you install and open the app so I think a lot of us forget about it. I’ve had this particular Mac since 2020 and have just been upgrading it the whole time so a lot of those permissions I granted like 2 years ago when I first set this thing up.

Dont worry, give it enough time and you’ll be just like those of us with 10-15 albums no one has heard! :rofl:

when I saw the blue indicator responding to the mic input I had a little cry
thanks again