Behringer UMX25 Midicontroller as "Mixing-Controller" !?

I have an UMX25 Midikeyboard which has 8 Controller knobs, 8 Buttons and 1 volume fader.
Is it possible to configure Cubase (or/and the controller) so that I can controll Cubase’s master Volume with the Volume fader, 8 subgroups volumes with the 8 knobs and 8 subgroups mutes with the 8 buttons of the Behringer Controller?
If so, HOW…?!

Thank you very much in advance!

Yes, you can.

Use Devices > Device Setup. On the left side, choose Remote Device. If there is no Generic Remote Device, click to “+” icon to add new Generic Remite Ddvice.

Set MIDI input from your Behringer UMX25. Upper sheet are inputs. You can use Kearn button for assign exact MIDI CCs for virtual Faders (you can name it, of course). Bottom sheet are functions. Set Mixer (or VST Mixer), and the right one track, you want to control by the fader.

Check different discusions about the Generic Remote Device here.

Perfect - thank you! It works!!