Behringer usb audio driver?


we have cubase 11 elements, and have a behringer x2222 usb mixer.
the only driver i could find on their site is the ASIO4ALLV2 but it seems like this driver doesnt work to record mic/line in cubase, theres audio but nothing in any input or track

any assistance would be great


I gave up on the Asio4All driver. I battled it forever with my Alesis interface because it did not come with it’s own driver. I tried everything on the Internet with no luck. If I did get it to work it would crash and I would lose all of my VST connections. I finally decided to try buying a Steinberg interface that came with a Yamaha driver. It worked immediately without any issues and has continued to work like a dream. I really think the Asio4All driver is going to always be a problem with Cubase. I wish I would have done this sooner. Does the Behringer not have a driver?