Behringer X-touch and two extenders

Hello. I have recently bought the Behringer X-touch extenders (2) to go with my main X-Touch. I have the same problem that is described in tpmann’s post:

Nobody seems to have found an answer and the post is pretty old. I am in desperate need of a solution.

Thanks in advance.

You have to add Mackie devices + Extenders in the opposite order they are to be used in the remote device setup screen.

i…e make sure you add device 3, then 2 and then the main (1). Not sure if this will fix this problem, but something worth being aware of.

I’ve only ever used one extender.

I have the same problem trying to use two extenders. It seems that once you add a third Mackie control, Cubase won’t recognise it. I have spent two days trying different things but to no avail. I have sent for a wireless router (£99) for my studio so I can try networking my desks using LAN to see if this will sort it. But I have a feeling it’s a Cubase bug and at the moment there’s no fix. This has cost me hundreds of pounds and looks like I may have to start using Studio One again.

Check this… it seems to work with 2 extenders with this workaround :

Hi guys, what about with 3 extenders ? in order to give me 32 channels remoted with an Xtouch with 3 extenders units added…Hope anybody could answer or have this similiar config 4 devices with cubase pro 10 and up version…kind regards