Behringer X-Touch and VST instruments

I am using Cubase pro 9, and Windows 10 64bit. I have for a time ago purchased Behringer X-Touch Control surface. It is only one problem With this, and that is when I using VST instruments. I can insert a track With Halion Sonic, and the sound is Nice. But when I use the X-Touch, its coming a tone for each knop I enter. And when using the faders, the tone is sliding up or Down.

The Control surface is Perfect for ordinary recordings, but I can’t use it together With VST instruments.
By the way, I also have a Zoom Control surface that working exsact on the same way.

Is it someone that can give me at tip how I can solve this?

You have to disable the Midi output I believe, I’m not behind my computer right now.
Had the same issue with my Mackie Controller.

Two solutions:

  1. Don’t use ‘All MIDI inputs’ as MIDI input for your instrument track
  2. Exclude your X-touch from ‘All MIDI Inputs’ in Devices | Device Setup | MIDI port Setup

I recommend doing both.

Thank you very much! This have been a problem for me in very long time - years!