Behringer X-Touch + Extender Do not work CB10Pro

I have a Behringer X-Touch and it works with Cubase Pro 10, but I cant get X-Touch Extender to work as an extender with the X-Touch.
Cubase Pro 10. Newest Fw.10.0.50, Mac os. 10.14.6. X-touch fw. 1.14 and extender fw. 1.18.

Hardware setup is USB in to X-Touch and usb out to usb in on the extender, both units set up as Mackie control. X-touch (control) to X-touch INT.

In Studio> Studio Setup> Remote Devices, If I set the X-Touch Extender (control 2)to X-Touch EXT, nothing works on the Extender.

If I set X-Touch Extender(control2) to ”X-Touch-Ext X-Touch_INT” it “mirrors” the channels on the X-touch, and they both work in parallell with the same channels to control on both units.

Can someone Please help me with a step-by-step setup so I can get the X-Touch Extender work on ch 1-8 and the X-Touch to work on ch. 9-16.

i have read the topic you ref to r2d2, but that did not help me. He hooked it up and it worked, my setup do not work. I hope some can help me…