Behringer X-Touch extenders don't show up

(OS: Windows 10 pro 64 bit,
Cubase version 11)

Hello! I have recently bought the Behringer X-Touch midi controller. It was fantastic on its own, so i decided to buy two X-Touch extenders to go beside it. I thought setting them up would be an easy process, but it didn’t turn out that way.

My current problem: I am unable to chain the 3 units together to work in unison like intended.

The units are 100% wired correctly (according to the manual) . They are all set to USB and all of them are set to the Mackie protocol. The firmware is up to date on all of the units as well (done via. MIDIOX).

When i add the main unit via. the Mackie protocol in devices by itself, it works. It shows up as “X-Touch” in the input and
the output section. When i try to add the 1st extender it shows up as “X-Touch ext 2” in the input and in the output for some reason. When i select it and apply the changes, it starts mirroring the main unit (when i move a slider on the main unit, the slider on the extender moves with it and vice versa). When i turn the 3rd extender on, it also shows up as “X-Touch ext 2”. The output is also the same.

When i try to select it and apply the changes, it just does nothing. It remains in the same state like when it wasn’t selected at all.

It is really frustrating. Did anybody experience a similar thing? How do i fix this?

You need to use Midi over ethernet to solve this problem.
Rtpmidi will map those extenders to different names, which is the problem that windows has…