Behringer X-touch mini

Probably an overly ambitious script. But perhaps useful to someone :grinning:.

There are five pages. Two control functions on a single channel, two control banks of eight channels (useful when mixing or laying down lots of backing vocals). And one almost empty for customization.

Functions that are the same on all pages

  • Pushing controllers 1-5 selects page 1-5
  • The righmost bottom row buttons on Layer A always control stop, start and rec (as printed on the hardware)
  • The fader always controls volume of the selected channel

Functions that are the same on the two single channel pages

  • Pushing controllers 7 and 8 moves between channels
  • The bottom row buttons on Layer A control all transport functions (as printed on the hardware)
  • The bottom row buttons on Layer B control channel statuses (mute, solo, read, write, monitor, rec, edit, instr)

Controls a single channel
Layer A (controllers and top row buttons): EQ
Layer B (controllers and one button for focus lock): Focus Quick controls

Channel extra
Controls a single channel
Layer A (controllers and top row buttons): Pre section (gain, low cut, high cut, pan)
Layer B (controllers and top row buttons): Sends

Bank of 8 channels, useful when laying down all those backing vocals…
Layer A (controllers): Volume
Layer A (top row buttons): Record enable
Layer A (4 bottom row buttons): Bank shift left/right
Layer B (controllers): Pan
Layer B (buttons): Mute and Solo

Mix, automate
Bank of 8 channels
Layer A (controllers): Volume
Layer A (top row buttons): Solo
Layer A (4 bottom row buttons): Bank shift left/right
Layer B (controllers): Pan
Layer B (top buttons): Read and Write

1.0 First version
1.1 Push controller 1-5 to go directly to that page


  • LEDs mostly reflect the respective values in Cubase (nice!). But sometimes they need a bank or a layer change after moving between pages.
  • The mapping is based on the default settings in the X-touch mini, if you have changed them you need to use the Behringer editor to reset them.
  • Bank shift works a bit unpredictably

Have fun!

Behringer_X-touch mini.midiremote (13.6 KB)


Hi, do you think that should be possible to adapt your (great) script to an X-Touch regular (not mini or ONE) ? In Midi-remote I tried to loading your script with my X-Touch “regular” switched on , but the script remain ‘disable’ and no connection with my device! The goal for me is checking how you did it , and adapt it. For ie in my first test (building my own script) my n.8 Volume-faders doesn’t work (I saw that in your layout , the icon are not “faders” but “knobs”). Thx in advance for your answers ! /Massimo

I don’t own the regular X-touch so there’s no dead easy way for me to do it. I guess it’s possible to edit code so that it identifies your specific model if we knew the exact name it reports over the USB driver. But that feels like a bit hit and miss.

I can upload the json code separately for you but I don’t think it would help much. Sorry.

I have practice with the code, but I think like you , and probably having the json code would probably not help me much in developing the right code for my device. Anyway thanks !

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I dont think this is possible because when you download a script you can only open it ifyou have the associated controller connected. I tried to open various scripts so I could adapt but was not possible. I am thinking this may get a fix in a future release.

Switching the XTouch to MCU mode will make the knobs move more smoothly.
The knob must be set to relative mode on Remote Control GUI Editor.

Hi Torbjorn_Hedberg. This sounds really useful, I have a Behringer X-Touch Mini and I have Cubase, soon ver 12. I would like to try this out, but I have no idea where to start in how to use your script? How do I implement/run this? Beginners steps will be helpful.

I purchased the X-Touch Mini for photography believe it or not. I use it to control Capture One raw editor. I found a script online which uses Bome Translator Pro software to translate the MIDI controls into menu actions so I can edit photos.

Great job :+1:


This script is in progress, now.

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Hi bro
I wonder that it can use next page of focus qc.
It can be?

Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

can the x-touch mini use the 2nd page of quick control ?

Or, just can use only 8 parameter(1st page) of quick control ?


There are only 8 track quick controls in Cubase: Track Quick Controls

FWIW @Torbjorn_Hedberg, this script was incredibly useful. I was having a lot of trouble getting my new X-Touch Mini to work on my Macbook (LEDs would not auto adjust to the setting on the knobs in Cubase). It doesn’t help that there’s no Mac version of the editor software. I was ready to throw it out the window.

I imported your script as a last attempt, and immediately everything worked perfectly. I can now assign knobs / buttons to parameters as I want, and all LEDs are functioning correctly.

Thank you - much appreciated.

Wow. Great. Much thanks för reporting back!

Just in case it might be useful for someone else :blush:

Does it work with C13 on Mac OS?

very nice script > C12
But it don 't works here with C13
If possible update …