Behringer X-Touch One Automation

Hi, I have the X-Touch One controller. I configured it as Mackie Control and it works correctly. I can automate volume with the fader, but I can’t use that fader to automate other parameters (midi cc, vst…).
When I use MIDI monitor it doesn’t show what controller corresponds to the fader. When I use Learn CC in VST faders or knobs it doesn’t do anything.
It is possible to use the fader to automate other parameters apart volume?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

If you use the device as Mackie Control, the MIDI data don’t pass to the tracks. Mackie Control is designed to control Volume, not any (or selected) automation parameter.

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Thank you!
And there is an alternative configuration?


I don’t know Behringer X-Touch, but I expect, there is MIDI CC mode, where the Fader is sending other MIDI data.

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